Founder Zen Buddhist Mikao Usui: 15/08/1865 - 9/03/1926


Mikao Usui became Reiki attuned after a 21 day Buddhist fasting retreat on Mt Kurama- Kyoto Japan in 1922. Mental, Spiritual and Physical “enlightenment” was reputedly described as a shock in the center of his brain. The physical manifestation of the Reiki experience or “attunement” became evident whilst on his descent from the mountain. Usui suffered a toe injury and discovered when he placed his hands on the toe, unexpectedly the pain eased rapidly and disappeared.

Reiki is a form of energy healing where the practitioner is a conduit of Reiki healing energy and the client is the receiver. It is not a religion nor belief system. A Reiki practitioner is taught Reiki method and receives a series of “attunements” which transform the energy patterns within the body enabling the channelling of Reiki energy. A Reiki practitioner does not have to be a “born healer” thus Reiki is available globally and can be learned by anyone.

Reiki is of Japanese origin- the word Reiki consists of two Japanese words; REI and KEI. REI means Universal or Spiritual Consciousness and KEI stands for life force or vital energy, which is the flow of energy that surrounds all life.

Albert Einstein’s premise was; All organisms are more than just the sum of their parts and are the manifestation of subtle forces. Einstein’s infamous mathematical equation E=mc2 stated that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance, meaning all matter is energy. We have a dynamic cellular structure with multi-level energy fields or vibrations ranging from high to low frequencies. The slower the vibration the more dense or physical the matter; ie the vibrational difference between the etheric body and the physical body. It is within the vibrational level that physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance starts, i.e. if energy flow is disturbed physical manifestation or disease / Dis-ease occurs.

Reiki works at the vibrational/energetic level stimulating proper energy flow and healing. Mikao Usui believed Reiki utilises unpolarised energy – unpolarised means beyond polarity, radio waves, x-rays and ultra violet light. The attuned Reiki practitioner transfers this gentle nurturing unpolarised energy to the client, they are not using their own energy. Reiki is totally safe, it goes where the body needs; it does not require any belief system, special focus or control of the mind, diagnostic skills or knowledge of the human body.

What to expect.

Reiki is released via practitioner hands placed just above or directly on non-invasive specific areas of the body
(through clothing) corresponding with the body’s energetic Chakra fields. Clients report a Reiki session feels like a deep restorative sleep or meditative state. Reiki is used for general wellbeing, pre and post operative healing, stress relief, pain, post injury or illness and more. You will find the Reiki experience to be both relaxing andrestorative.

Your Reiki session will last 45mins to an hour. 😊